Spring 2002
BIO 384K Topic 21: Recent Advances in Ecology and Systematics

This grad student-only course is a comprehensive survey of amphibian systematics. This course will have substantial lecture, lab, discussion, and writing components. Readings will include current and historical literature. Labs will include examination of specimens, characters, and analysis of data sets of all sorts. You don't need an extensive background in amphibians or systematics, but lacking these, you will have to put in more time. The class meeting times will be irregular, probably mostly evenings. A couple of classes will meet at the Pickle Research Campus. During some weeks there will be no meetings, and in other weeks there may be two.

Permission of the instructor is required to enroll. Class size will be limited.

Final grades will be based on (1) participation, (2) brief oral presentations and written reports (including data analysis), and (3) a final paper.

For more details contact David Cannatella 232-4862 or catfish@mail.utexas.edu

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