Survival Kit
Survival Kit


Canvas Tarp (heavy duty real canvas, not plastic)
Sleeping bag, blanket, solar blanket
Boots, clothes, hat, gloves, jacket
Spare spectacles, teeth, prescription medicines, etc. . . .
Waterproof matches (a flint & magnesium fire starter kit is better)
Knives (pocket knife, variety of larger stainless steel knives)
Razor box cutter w/ spare blades
File, emory stone sharpener
Wire, pliers (rust proof with wire cutters)
Nylon twine (for snares)
Fish hooks, leader
Needles and thread
Canteens, water jug(s)
Cup, billy pot with lid, frypan, fork, spatula (all stainless steel)
Bow saw, spare blades
Hatchet (all metal)
Shovel (all metal, or fiberglass handle)
Crossbow with lotsa arrows
Slingshot, spare surgical tubing
3/4" aluminum tubing (for blowgun)
Heavy duty black plastic sheeting (for ground cloth & water catchment)
Duct tape (for patching tarp, clothes, etc.)
Propane lighters with spare flints
Band Aids, gauze, adhesive tape
Ace bandage
Superglue (use to fix cuts)
Antibiotic ointment
Aspirin (salycyclic acid)

Things worth Knowing:

Chew on willow for salycyclic acid (aspirin)
Acorns are edible if soaked in several changes of water
Animal hides can be tanned in this acorn water
Make soap by boiling fat and adding ashes
Eat green and brown bugs, not red or yellow ones


Gun with ammunition
Soap (make your own soap by boiling animal fat and adding ashes)
Toilet paper
Toothbrush, toothpaste
Bug repellant
Flashlight, spare batteries
Salt, pepper
Coffee, tea
Nuts, trail mix