Acer negundo

Common Name: Box Elder

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Acer negundo leaf.jpg (45620 bytes)

Acer negundo poisonivylike.jpg (44707 bytes)
typical leaf, with 5 leaflets... ...However, many boxelder leaves are trifoliolate, such as this one--notice the resemblance to poison ivy?
stem--the young stems of Acer negundo are green petioles and leaf bases--what kind of leaf arrangement is present?  If you said opposite, you're right.  Leaf arrangement is one foolproof way to tell poison ivy from a young boxelder:  boxelder has opposite leaves, while poison ivy has alternate leaves.
acer.negundo.lf.JPG (84273 bytes)
leaves in Spring--notice the reddish color of petioles and rachises.  This reddish color is not always present.