Evax verna Raf.

Common name: Rabbit tobacco

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Evax verna is a very small tap-rooted annual.
The leaves and heads are covered with wooly pubescence.

Plants either have a single stem terminating in a cluster of heads,
or they will be branched dichotemously, with a cluster of heads
both at the axis and at the ends of the branches.
In this photo you see a cluster of heads surrounded by protective leaves. Each round, white shape is a head. Each darker dot in the head is a separate floret within the head. Do you think these are ray florets, or disc florets?
Closer view of the heads. Here you see old plants in the fall, after they have dried out. These persist for months and it is much more common to see a dead Evax verna than it is to see it blooming in the Spring.

More views of Evax verna after Spring, when they have dried out