Gaillardia pulchella

Common Name:  Indian-blanket, Fire-wheels, Rose-ring Gaillardia

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Gaillardia pulchella firsthead.jpg (46501 bytes)
habit in mid spring head
Gaillardia pulchella summerhabit.jpg (121092 bytes) Gaillardia pulchella fruithead.jpg (18733 bytes)
habit in early summer--the fruits are maturing on the individual heads matured fruits--the pappuses of the fruits are visible here; the fruit itself is hidden
Gaillardia pulchella fruit.jpg (26546 bytes) Gaillardia pulchella Llano head.jpg (84045 bytes)
one fruit, showing the persistent pappus attached above--this type of fruit is called an achene on the sandy soils of the Llano uplift (Llano and Mason Counties, mainly), the ray corollas of G. pulchella are almost completely red, with only a slight hint of yellow around the edges--a field of red Gaillardia is quite dramatic!
pubescent to hispid-pilose lower leaf; deeply lobed