Helianthus maximiliani

Common Name:  Maximilian Sunflower

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head--this is the typical sunflower-type head, with disk and ray flowers present.  In Helianthus maximiliani, the disk flowers are yellower in appearance than those of H. annuus. head viewed from the side, showing the pointed phyllaries (involucral bracts)
leaves--how are these leaves different from those of Helianthus annuus? leaf closeup--what shape and margin are present here?  Also, notice the coarse hairs that cover the leaf.  These hairs give the leaves a sandpapery feel.

Just like the leaves, the stems are covered with coarse hairs too.  And these feel even rougher! Helianthus maximiliani is a perennial that grows slowly through the summer months as a group of short stems...
...until September, when the stems bolt and produce heads (usually the first heads appear around October 1 in the Austin area).  Individual plants can be over 10 feet tall in good conditions!