Heterotheca subaxillaris

Common Name:  Camphor Weed, Golden Aster

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head closeup--what kind of flowers are present here--ray flowers, disk flowers, or both?  Also, notice how many rays there are in these heads.

head from underneath, showing the involucral bracts (which are called phyllaries in Asteraceae)

leaves and hairs on stem--when you crush the leaves of Heterotheca, an odor similar to camphor is emitted (and thus the common name "camphorweed")
fruit - an achene which is a dry, indehiscent fruit containing a single seed.  The hairs attached at the tip of the achene form the pappus. The pappus is thought to be the modified calyx and is only found in members of the Asteraceae. What is the probable function of the pappus? habit--Heterotheca subaxillaris is sparse looking!