Iva angustifolia

Common Name:  Narrowleaf Marshelder, Sumpweed

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male heads--just as in the genus Ambrosia (the ragweeds, which are closely related), Iva is a wind-pollinated member of the sunflower family male heads again, showing anthers and the conspicuous bracts that subtend each head.  The presence of these large bracts makes it easy to distinguish Iva from Ambrosia.
leaf--notice how narrow these leaves and bracts are.  This is why the specific epithet for this species is angustifolia (meaning "narrow leaf").  Notice how different these leaves are from those of Iva annua. habit--Iva angustifolia is an herbaceous perennial, and in disturbed, seasonally moist environments can become dominant!  Everything you see here is sumpweed!