Palafoxia callosa

Common Name:  Small Palafoxia

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Palafoxia callosa heads1.jpg (74071 bytes) Palafoxia callosa heads.jpg (47799 bytes)
heads--this species has discoid heads (meaning that only disk flowers are present heads closeup--the young heads in palafoxia are purple and then turn white with age.  Do you notice how the younger head in this image only displays the black stamens, while in the older head only the stigmas can be seen?  This is a typical adaptation against self-pollination in hermaphroditic plants--the stigmas in one flower are only receptive after the stamens are done shedding pollen.
Palafoxia callosa habit.jpg (73182 bytes) Palafoxia callosa stemleaves.jpg (67568 bytes)
habit--palafoxia prefers it hot and dry! leaves--what leaf shape is present here?