Pyrrhopappus carolinianus

Common Name:  Carolina False Dandelion

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Pyrrhopappus grandiflorus heads.jpg (56058 bytes)

Pyrrhopappus grandiflorus headcloseup.jpg (36150 bytes)
heads--the heads that are closed have already been pollinated and are developing fruits head closeup--this is an example of a head composed only of ray flowers (this kind of head is called a ligulate head)
Pyrrhopappus grandiflorus basalleaves.jpg (113479 bytes) Pyrrhopappus grandiflorus fruits.jpg (32981 bytes)
basal leaves--Pyrrhopappus is a common lawn weed in Austin (but is still a native plant!) fruits (actually, all you see here are the hairs that aid in dispersal of the fruits, which are very small)