Bignonia capreolata

Common Names: Crossvine, Quartervine

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bilaterally symmetrical) flower habit - a high-climbing, woody, evergreen vine
flowers have short calyces and long, showy corollas - campanulate or funnelform leaves are 2-foliate - you can also see the evidence of tendrils (a distinguishing characteristic from plants in the genus Campsis, which do not have tendrils)
notice how the stamens are located on one side of the corolla fruits - linear or flattened capsules
flowers occur in axillary clusters the flowers have a distinctive bend in the corolla
  another habit photo at the Wildflower Center in Austin, TX (in February)
leaflets are cordate at the base, and have entire margins (another feature that distinguishes this genus from Campsis, which has serrate margins)