Viburnum rufidulum

Common Name:  Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum

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Viburnum rufidulum habit.jpg (134877 bytes)

habit rust-colored hairs covering petioles and undersides of young leaves (this is why the tree's common name is rusty blackhaw)
Viburnum rufidulum leaves1.jpg (41261 bytes) Viburnum rufidulum opposite.jpg (64193 bytes)
leaves--what kind of margin is present?  How about venation and leaf shape? Viburnum rufidulum has opposite, simple leaves.
Viburnum rufidulum openinflorescences.jpg (59546 bytes)
Here are some Viburnum rufidulum inflorescences with Ilex decidua berries in the background. inflorescences

Viburnum rufidulum youngfruits.jpg (59770 bytes)
flowers closeup--do you see how the stamens alternate with the petals (in other words, the stamens are in between the petals)?  This is common in many flowering plants. young fruits--do you notice how not all of the flowers produced fruits?  These young fruits will develop into black drupes over the Spring and Summer.  Are these fruits developing from inferior or superior ovaries?