Tinantia anomala

Common name: false dayflower, widow's tears, ol' fuzzyface

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Tinantia anomala habit.jpg (117023 bytes)
Habit--when not in flower, Tinantia can be mistaken for grass. See the face?  The two "eyes" and the "nose" are actually stamens! These three stamens have yellow hairs near the apex of the filaments. Three more stamens curve downward; the outer two of these stamens have purple colored hairs near the base of the filaments.

Flower again--is this flower zygomorphic or actinomorphic? Flower yet again, showing the bract that sheathes each inflorescence.
This is called a spathe.
Tinantia anomala leaves.jpg (94779 bytes) Tinantia anomala winter.jpg (121916 bytes)
Leaves--is this a monocot or a dicot? Typical foliage in Winter. Almost all the green in this picture is Tinantia!