Ibervillea lindheimeri

Common Name:  Balsam Gourd, Lindheimer's Globeberry Balsam-apple

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Ibervillea lindheimeri fruitleaftendrils.jpg (38772 bytes)
leaf--is this leaf simple or compound?  what kind of venation is present? leaf, tendrils (what habit must this plant be?), and fruit

ibervillea.lindheimeri.frt.JPG (168319 bytes)

Ibervillea lindheimeri youngfruit1.jpg (30152 bytes)
mature fruits in Fall (the leaves are gone)--this is an extensive vine! young fruits
fruit -- a pepo flower again, highlighting the pubescence on the petals.  Also, notice the twisting tendrils at the node above the flower.
tendrils again--Ibervillea lindheimeri has long tendrils! a characteristic of plants in Cucurbitaceae is tendrils that arise lateral to the leaves distinguishing them from Passifloraceae (tendrils arising from leaf axils) and Vitaceae (tendrils arising opposite the leaves)
the ovaries of Ibervillea lindheimeri flowers mature into the small red pepos shown in the previous photos the tendrils begin as straight appendages reaching out away from the plant; once they touch a potential host support, they curl around the support as a result of a physiological process called thigmatropism