Diospyros texana

Common Name:  Texas Persimmon

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diospyros.texana.jpg (79545 bytes)

diospyros.bark.2.jpg (64330 bytes)
habit--Texas persimmon is a small tree bark--notice how smooth the bark is
diospyros.texana.foliage.jpg (85993 bytes) Diospyros texana leaves9.jpg (52877 bytes)
leaves--do you see how the margins of the leaves are curved downward?  Margins like this are called revolute margins. leaves again
These young fruits turn dark purple/black at maturity, and at that point are edible and tasty (although there is not much "meat" to eat on a Texas persimmon).  Note the short hairs that cover the fruits. flowers drooping, imperfectly unisexual