Cnidoscolus texanus

Common Name:  Mala Mujer, Texas Bull Nettle

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Cnidosculus texanus habit2.jpg (136879 bytes) Cnidosculus texanus leaf2.jpg (99580 bytes)
habit--beautiful but nasty! leaf--what kind of venation is present?  All of the little white dots on the leaf are the bases of stinging hairs (you can see them clearly on the petiole); these hairs can penetrate heavy clothing and deliver a painful injection!

Cnidosculus texanus flower2.jpg (57515 bytes)

Cnidosculus texanus flowers.jpg (74496 bytes)
flowers--is this a dicot or a monocot? more flowers--beware of the mala mujer!

fruit (capsule) and flower in side view--doesn't this look scary?!  This plant means business!