Croton fruticulosus

Common Name:  Encinilla

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habit showing leaves and flowers--believe it or not, this plant is in full flower! male flowers and young fruit closeup--because these flowers are imperfect, we can use the terms monoecious or dioecious. Which one applies here?
leaf underside closeup--there are short stiff hairs covering the leaves.  What leaf shape is present here?  Judging from these leaves, would you guess that this species prefers living in shade or in sun? male flowers closeup--notice that the only whorl present in these flowers is stamens.  There are no female parts, nor petals, nor sepals.
developing fruits--do you see the stigmas?  There are six present--two per carpel (so there are three carpels per flower in this species--this is the typical condition in Euphorbiaceae). another fruit shot, also showing the characteristic hairs covering the leaves and stems