Mimosa nuttallii

Common Names: Catclaw Sensitive Briar, Catclaw Schrankia, Shame-boy

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habit - the species is a prostrate, trailing herb stems - the stems are armed with prickles along their stems. What is the leaf arrangement?

leaves - are bipinnately compound The leaflets have pulvinules at the base of their petioles which allow them to fold in response to being touched - hence the common name Sensitive briar.

inflorescence - this genus is in the Mimosoideae sub-family. The inflorescence is typical of members of this subfamily - with many flowers clustered together in heads. It is difficult to see the individual flowers which are actinomorphic with an inconspicuous perianth. The pink coloration of this inflorescence comes from the filaments of the flowers that are exserted beyond the petals.  legume - this fruit is immature and will elongate to around 5 cm by the time it is mature. The tip is beaked as you can see in the legume on the left. When it is mature the fruit will be round rather than flat.