Quercus buckleyi

Common Name:  Texas Red Oak, Spanish Oak, Spotted Oak, Rock Oak

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quercus.buckleyi.lf.JPG (88331 bytes) Quercus buckleyi bark.jpg (53118 bytes)
leaves--how would you describe the margins of these leaves?   Notice the points at the tips of the lobes--this is typical of the red oak subgenus. typical bark
Quercus buckleyi youngleaves.jpg (34605 bytes) Quercus buckleyi catkins2.jpg (71915 bytes)
when the young leaves first appear in the Spring, they often have a reddish tint to them (another typical trait of the red oaks) male catkins (inflorescences)--these are a major cause of hay fever!
Quercus buckleyi gall.jpg (60206 bytes)
fruit (nut)--the fruit of red oak species mature in the fall of the year following flowering. this is not a fruit (remember, all oaks have acorns)--it is a gall!  Galls are infections caused by viruses, fungi, or insect larvae.  Only rarely do you see oak trees without some kind of gall on them.