Quercus marilandica

Common Name: Blackjack Oak

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Quercus marilandica youngleaf.jpg (39623 bytes)
young leaf--note the points present at the tips of the lobes--this is typical of the red oak group this photo shows a comparison between the leaves of Quercus marilandica (left) and Q. stellata (right)
quercus.marilandica.3.JPG (73844 bytes)
upper part of leaf showing bristles at the tips of the lobes mature leaves
Quercus marilandica habit2.jpg (100077 bytes)
habit--blackjack oaks are usually relatively short trees (20-30 ft. tall) flowers--the male flowers are grouped into the catkins you see hanging down from the young branch, while the female flowers are the two little bulges at the tip of the young branch, near the point where the three leaves at the tip attach to the stem

Quercus marilandica youngleavesred.jpg (26784 bytes)

very young leaves--many species in the red oak group have bright red baby leaves  

habit in early spring - with catkins but no leaves yet

young leaves again, illustrating the characteristic leaf shape of Quercus marilandica