Quercus stellata

Common Name:  Post Oak, Cross Oak, Iron Oak

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quercus.stellata.JPG (88762 bytes)
this photo shows a comparison between the leaves of Quercus marilandica (left) and Q. stellata (right) more leaves

Quercus stellata habit6.jpg (103230 bytes)

Quercus stellata youngleaves1.jpg (55266 bytes)
habit--post oaks have a single stout trunk but rarely reach more than 25-30 feet in height young leaves--notice that the lobes of the leaves are not pointed--this is typically the case in the white oak group

Quercus stellata youngleaves2.jpg (21541 bytes)

Quercus stellata catkins.jpg (49626 bytes)
even younger leaves--the young leaves of the white oak group typically do not have the red color of the red oaks mature catkins closeup
quercus.stellata.flw.jpg (63411 bytes)  
mature leaves and male catkins