Eustoma exaltatum (L.) Salisb. ex G. Don

Common Name:  Bluebell Gentian, Texas Bluebells


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habit--Eustoma is a biennial or short-lived perennial that
likes open areas with moist (but not waterlogged) soils

flower closeup--this flower has just opened.  Notice that the large anthers are shedding their pollen, but the stigma is green an unreceptive... ...The stigma will open, however, after the pollen has been completely shed (why would there be a temporal difference in pollen release and stigma receptivity?).  Notice that there are two large, yellow lobes to the stigma--everything about this flower is big!
flower buds--do you see how the developing petals are curled up in a spiral?  Also, notice the 5 sepals. leaves--what kind of leaf arrangement is present here?  The leaves of Eustoma are slightly succulent.