Geranium carolinianum

Common Name:  Crane's Bill, Carolina Geranium

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Geranium carolinianum flower.jpg (29347 bytes)

flower--how many petals are present? flower closeup

Geranium carolinianum leaf.jpg (63718 bytes)
flower in side view, showing sepals--what is the shape of these sepals?  Do you see the very young fruit to the right of the open flower? leaf--this is an example of a lobed, peltate leaf

Geranium carolinianum habit.jpg (70255 bytes)
leaf, showing long petiole--this is characteristic of this species habit--Geranium carolinianum is a winter annual
Geranium carolinianum immaturefruits.jpg (34362 bytes) Geranium carolinianum fruits_sharp.jpg (33824 bytes)
young fruits--these will elongate and resemble storks' bills mature fruits--there are 5 seeds at the bottom of the fruit; each of these is attached to one of the 5 styles (although there appears to be only one style in this image, there are actually 5 separate styles that are attached at their apices)