Aesculus pavia

Common Name: Red Buckeye, Firecracker Plant

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Aesculus pavia leaf1.jpg (56984 bytes)
leaf--what is the leaf complexity and arrangement in this species?  

Aesculus pavia bud.jpg (28131 bytes)

aesculus.pavia.pavia.infl.1.jpg (60355 bytes)
Aesculus pavia has large terminal buds... ...that in Spring develop into large, showy inflorescences.   The typical color of the calyx and corolla in this species is pink...
aesculus.pavia.flavescens.infl.3.jpg (40247 bytes) aesculus.pavia.flavescens.infl.1.jpg (48409 bytes)
...however, in the Hill Country we have a yellow variety of this species... ...called var. flavescens (the pink variety is var. pavia)
Aesculus pavia hybridflowers1.jpg (46581 bytes) aesculuspavia.jpg (40208 bytes)
Because we have two varieties, we sometimes find hybrids with intermediate flower color like this one! Aesculus pavia has large fruits.
  Aesculus pavia habit.jpg (116633 bytes)
  habit--Aesculus is a low-growing tree