Carya texana

Common Name:  Black Hickory, Texas Hickory

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Carya texana leaves.jpg (68681 bytes) Carya texana sapling.jpg (82283 bytes)
leaves--what kind of compound leaves are present here?   Notice the leaflet shape and the large terminal leaflet.  Also, notice how many fewer leaflets black hickory has compared to pecan (Carya illinoiensis). sapling, showing leaves again

Carya texana habit.jpg (145328 bytes)

habit--black hickories are typically small trees (20-30 ft. tall) habit in Fall (the leaves are turning color)
Carya texana fruit.jpg (52131 bytes)
leaves in Fall--the leaves of Carya texana turn a golden yellow in the Fall young fruit in Summer

Carya texana catkin.jpg (69227 bytes)
mature fruit in Fall--one of the large seeds is visible beneath the split pericarp of this fruit male inflorescences (catkins) in spring--do you think these are adapted to wind pollination or animal pollination
Carya texana buds.jpg (37034 bytes)  
buds--hickories have large axillary and terminal buds!