Juglans microcarpa

Common Names: Texas Walnut, Little Walnut, Black Walnut

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leaf--what kind of compound leaf is this? another picture of a leaf, showing how the leaflets are typically held more or less parallel with the ground
terminal leaflet--in Juglans species the terminal leaflet is smaller than the middle lateral leaflets.  What kind of leaf margin is present?  Notice the oblique leaf bases characteristic of the Juglandaceae. young stem--what kind of leaf arrangement is this? notice the axillary bud in the axis between the stem and the petiole

habit--Juglans microcarpa grows to become a medium-sized tree.  It is typically found nears streams and rivers. young fruits--did these fruits develop from an inferior or superior ovary?
mature fruit--the walnuts are the seeds inside this fleshy fruit! young male inflorescences (catkins) in April

closeup of male catkins--each yellow segment within each cluster is a separate anther! female flowers developing into fruits
typical bark