Persea borbonia

Common Name:  Redbay, Shorebay

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persea.borbonia.frt.jpg (52150 bytes) Persea borbonia leafunderside.jpg (31756 bytes)
leaves and young fruit--based on this image, do you think these leaves are glabrous or pubescent?  What kind of leaf margin is present? leaf underside--notice that it is not as shiny as the top of the leaf

Persea borbonia youngtree.jpg (76363 bytes)

Persea borbonia babies.jpg (131970 bytes)
young tree, showing leaves red bay can become prolific, as all these saplings attest!   Mature bay trees can be over 60 feet tall.
persea.borbonia.frt1.JPG (67533 bytes)  
mature fruit (drupe)--these drupes are smaller versions of the fruits of their better-known cousin, the avocado (Persea americana)