Nolina texana

Common Name:  Sacahuista, Bunch Grass (but this is not a "grass"!)

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Nolina texana habitfruits2.jpg (145682 bytes)
habit, showing fruits flowers
Nolina texana habit3.jpg (136628 bytes)
habit and flowers--the inflorescence of Nolina texana is much shorter than that of N. lindheimeriana
inflorescence -- 30-60cm tall

inflorescence closeup--how many stamens and tepals (do you remember what these are?) are present?  Is this a dicot or a monocot?
very young inflorescene in early March--do you see the leaflike bracts?

Nolina texana fruits1.jpg (91896 bytes)
infructescence -- fruiting stalk in summer fruits closeup--these fruits look much different than the fruits of Nolina lindheimeriana!
another close-up of the fruits
The leaves of Nolina texana (right cross-section) are hemispherical, whereas those of N. lindheimeriana are more flattened (left cross-section).
Nolina texana cliffhanger.jpg (107642 bytes)
habit and typical habitat (limestone rock ledges) maturing fruits