Forestiera pubescens

Common Name:  Elbow-bush, Spring Herald, Devil's Elbow, Stretch-berry

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forestiera.pubescens.lf.jpg (43528 bytes) Forestiera pubescens leaves7.jpg (59406 bytes)
leaves--what leaf arrangement is present?  what leaf shape? more leaves, showing a slightly serrated margin
forestiera.pubescens.foliage.jpg (59003 bytes) Forestiera pubescens habit8.jpg (134071 bytes)
stems--notice how they are opposite each other, and notice how they appear to arise at nearly 90-degree angles from their parent branch (think elbows-- for elbowbush!) habit--elbowbush is a shrub (and a common one too!)
Forestiera pubescens maleflowers.jpg (42535 bytes) Forestiera pubescens opposite.jpg (37943 bytes)
male flowers in late Winter--in Forestiera pubescens, the flowers open before the leaves emerge (this is termed precocious flowering) more male flowers

female flowers in late Winter--Forestiera pubescens is dioecious, meaning that male and female flowers occur on different individuals female flowers closeup--do you see the pistils?  You should be able to see the ovary, stigma, and style.  There is one pistil per flower, and each pistil is surrounded by a few non-functioning stamens (they do not produce pollen).
forestiera.pubescens.frt.jpg (47173 bytes)
habit in late Winter--the flowers are the light green blobs among all of these branches!  Since Forestiera pubescens is one of the first plants to flower in the season, it is sometimes called "spring herald". mature fruits in Summer
forestiera.pubescens.immfrt.jpg (45193 bytes)
young fruits young leaves with noticeable pubescence
ovaries just beginning to mature