Fraxinus texensis

Common Name:  Texas Ash

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Fraxinus texensis leaf.jpg (48310 bytes) Fraxinus texensis leavesflash.jpg (80882 bytes)
leaf--is this leaf simple or compound?  what is the shape of an individual leaflet? leaves again--based on this picture, how many leaflets do you think are typically present in each leaf?
Fraxinus texensis oppositeleaves.jpg (58297 bytes)

Fraxinus texensis youngtree.jpg (113406 bytes)

the leaves of Fraxinus are opposite!  (Do you see the axillary buds?) typical size of Texas ash, also showing orbicular leaflets
Fraxinus texensis bark.jpg (139657 bytes) Fraxinus texensis fruits.jpg (42746 bytes)
although Texas ash is often small, it can get large, and when it does, this is the typical bark fruits--these fruits are winged, and are thus called samaras.   All ash species are dioecious--what does that mean?  Is this individual a female or a male?