Oenothera triloba

Common Name:  Stemless Evening Primrose, Three-lobed Primrose

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Oenothera triloba flower1.jpg (26740 bytes)
flower flower again, showing the 4-branched stigma.  How many stamens are present in this flower?

Oenothera triloba habit.jpg (104099 bytes)
Here you can see the whole plant. What looks like the pedicel here is really a very long hypanthium (this is why it's called "stemless evening primrose"). The capsules therefore develop at ground level. Note how the sepals are fused and are flared to one side of the flower. Habit--the leaves are so low, the plant tolerates mowing very well (though the inflorescences probably don't).
Oenothera triloba leaf.jpg (73207 bytes)