Agalinis heterophylla

Common Name:  Prairie Agalinis

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flowers--notice that there is almost no pedicel, in contrast to Agalinis edwardsiana flower closeup--notice how the stamens and stigma hang down from the top of the corolla tube.  How many petals compose the sympetalous corolla?  How can you tell?

closeup of the throat of the corolla tube--large bees pollinate the flowers of Agalinis, and presumably they are attracted to these spots flower bud and old flowers--the corollas have fallen off the bottom 3 flowers.  What structure is left sticking out of these 3 flowers?  Also, notice the lack of a pedicel!

Remember, Agalinis heterophylla has very short pedicel! branching pattern--in this species (as well as in A. edwardsiana), the branches come off at almost 90-degree angles.

leaves--these leaves are broader than those of Agalinis edwardsiana habit--without flowers, it would be much more difficult to spot Agalinis heterophylla!