Passiflora lutea

Common Name: Yellow passion flower

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Habit - Passiflora lutea is a vine, but here (at Hamilton Pool) it is growing over rocks! Leaf blades are 3-7cm long and 2-10cm wide with a very distinctive 3 lobes. See how the green fruits ripen to dark blue.
Flower close-up: Note the yellow-green corona just inside the petals. The stamens are united at the filaments into a single sheath around the gynophore (the stalk that supports the single pistil). This flower is ± 30 mm wide. Passiflora species have tendrils that allow them to crawl all over everything.  The tendrils arise from the petiole bases (in the axils), unlike Vitaceae family members, whose tendrils arise from opposite the stem of the leaf attachment point or Cucurbitaceae whose tendrils arise lateral to the leaf