Passiflora tenuiloba

Common Names: Spread-lobe Passion Flower, Bird-wing Passion Flower

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flower--the fringy structures are collectively called a corona ("crown").  The stigmas and stamens are above the corona.  The 3 stigmas/styles are pendulous over the flower with the 5 stamens just below.  flower in side view--bizarre, huh? 


typical leaf - can you see why the common name is bird-wing passion flower? This is Berberis trifoliata. Passiflora tenuiloba mimics this plant in an effort to camouflage itself and deter the butterflies that lay their eggs on P. tenuiloba but not B. trifoliata.

Here is a caterpillar (butterfly larvae) that eats the Passiflora tenuiloba. habit
fruit emerging more fruits