Bouteloua curtipendula

Common Name:  Side-oats Grama

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Bouteloua curtipendula spikelets1.jpg (40590 bytes)

bouteloua.curtipendula.infl.jpg (27848 bytes)
spikelets--notice how they hang down and look like miniature oats (giving rise to the common name: side-oats grama) spikelets in flower--the anthers are red in this species!
bouteloua.curtipendula.spikelet.jpg (53305 bytes) Bouteloua curtipendula habit1.jpg (94604 bytes)
spikelets closeup--find the feathery stigmas and the red anthers habit--B. curtipendula is a bunchgrass

bouteloua.cutipendula.habitat.JPG (80999 bytes)

habit and habitat--side-oats grama grows on dry slopes all over the eastern half of the U.S., and is the state grass of Texas