Anemone berlandieri

Common Name: Windflower

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anemone.heterophylla.jpg (74741 bytes)

habit and leaves flower--the typical color in this species is white.  Notice how there are many separate, individual simple pistils.  Each one of these will develop into a separate fruit.  Are these ovaries superior or inferior?
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another flower--sometimes the flowers in Anemone berlandieri are purplish.  The "petals" in the flowers of all species of Anemone are actually not petals at all, but showy sepals. sepals, before flower opening.  Also notice the leaf-like bracts, which are divided.
Anemone berlandieri fruits.jpg (26180 bytes)
fruits--these fruits are adapted for wind dispersal.  Each fruit developed from one of the many simple pistils within a single flower (in Ranunculaceae, the pistils are not fused together).  The receptacle (to which the pistils are attached) elongates after pollination to create the long structure seen here