Clematis pitcheri

Common Names: Leather-flower, Bluebell, Pither's Clematis, Pitcher-flower

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Clematis pitcheri habit.jpg (78531 bytes) Clematis pitcheri flower.jpg (33239 bytes)
habit--the Clematis pitcheri vine is climbing through a bunch of Parthenocissus quinquefolia flower--because this flower hangs, we call it pendant
Clematis pitcheri flowercloseup2.jpg (30080 bytes) Clematis pitcheri flowercloseup.jpg (34899 bytes)
flower closeup--can you see why this is called leatherflower?   There are no petals in these flowers--the four showy structures are sepals.   This flower has a very different look than that of Clematis drummondii! flower face-on, showing the numerous stamens and a few stigmas in the center
Clematis pitcheri leaves.jpg (44962 bytes)
leaves--how are these different from the leaves of Clematis drummondii? Fruit: in the Clematis genus each flower contains many free carpels (not fused into a single pistil). They can be seen here each with its persistent style. The fruit is an achene which is a dry single seeded fruit with the ovary wall attached to seed at one point.
pedicel - each flower and the developing fruit are born on a long pedicel sometimes the calyx of Clematis pitcheri can appear quite purple