Colubrina texensis

Common Name:  Snakewood

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colubrina.texensis.newfoliage.JPG (68338 bytes) Colubrina texensis youngleaves2.jpg (38653 bytes)
leaves--are these leaves simple or compound? young leaf showing typical venation

Colubrina texensis zigzag.jpg (70750 bytes)

Colubrina texensis zigzag2.jpg (88010 bytes)
zigzag pattern of branches zigzag, zigzag, zigzag!!  (Also, see how pale the bark is?)
Colubrina texensis flower.jpg (33906 bytes) colubrina.texensis.frt.jpg (83023 bytes)
flower in Spring--this is an example of a 5-merous flower fruits
fruit (in late summer) drupe-like, with stony endocarp becoming tardily dehiscent and capsul-like flowers have 5 stamens (hooded by the petals) that alternate with the sepals