Cephalanthus occidentalis

Common Names: Common Buttonbush, Honey-balls, Globeflower

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Cephalanthus occidentalis head2.jpg (40693 bytes)
close-up of head showing flowers with loooong styles inflorescence (head)--the stamens are the structures that stick out around the edge of the flowers.  When stamens stick out past the edge of the corolla like this, they are termed exserted stamens.  These inflorescences are the "buttons" in the common name buttonbush.

Cephalanthus occidentalis olderhead.jpg (62871 bytes)

older heads--these flowers have pollinated, and their corollas are senescing (dying) young, developing heads
cephalanthus.occidentalis.habit.JPG (143802 bytes)
habit in fall showing fruits--buttonbush will always be found growing in or very near water fruits in late Summer
Cephalanthus occidentalis leaves.jpg (57269 bytes) Cephalanthus occidentalis youngheads.jpg (48696 bytes)
leaves--what kind of leaf arrangement is present here?  Are these leaves simple or compound?  What kind of leaf margin is present? young, developing heads
close-up of triangular stipules individual flower