Diodia teres

Common Name:  Poor-Joe, Buttonweed

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habit--Diodia teres is an annual herb leaves - these leaves are opposite which is characteristic of species in the Rubiaceae. Many species in the Rubiaceae also have stipules - where would you find the stipules on a plant? The stipules in Diodia have long bristles on their margins.  Can you can see the bristles of the stipules on this specimen?
flower - the flowers are axillary with 2-6 flowers per node. young fruit, developing in the axil of the leaf--do you see the sepals on top of the fruit?  Did this develop from an inferior or superior ovary?
fruit - the fruit in Diodia is a capsule. Look for the sepals that are still attached to the fruit in this specimen. Where is the point of attachment of the sepals? Does Diodia have a superior or inferior ovary? You can also see the stipules again with the bristles on their margins.