Thamnosma texana

Common Name: dutchman's breeches

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Thamnosma texana habit.jpg (110528 bytes) Thamnosma texana glandular
Habit in Spring--Thamnosma texana is a low-growing herbaceous perennial Flower close up. You can see a developing fruit inside (the green tissue surrounding the pistil). Notice the green glands on the petals. Glands on leaves and petals are characteristic of the Rutaceae. One can see through the glands when they are backlit.
Thamnosma texana
Stem, showing leaves and flowers--what leaf shape is present here?  The leaves of Thamnosma texana, like the leaves of most members of the Rutaceae, are aromatic when crushed.
Developing fruits--the characteristic forked shape of these fruits gives Thamnosma texana its common name, "Dutchman's breeches".