Zanthoxylum hirsutum

Common Name: Tickle Tongue, Toothache Tree, Texas Hercules Club

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Zanthoxylum hirsutum thorns1.jpg (31190 bytes)

zanthoxylum.hirsutum.lf.JPG (58610 bytes)
prickles on bark
prickles on leaves
flowers small in short, wide, terminal panicles; 5-merous; petals yellow-green habit--Zanthoxylum hirsutum is usually a relatively short tree
leaves are toothed and gland-dotted; Do you see the gland dots on the margins? Chewing a small abount of leaflet gives the tongue a tingling, numb sensation. branch showing terminal inflorescences
Zanthoxylum hirsutum youngleaves.jpg (30189 bytes)
young leaves--are these leaves compound or simple? specific epithet comes from the sparsely-pubescent rachis
another photo of the flowers