Populus deltoides

Common Name:  Eastern Cottonwood

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Populus deltoides leaf1.jpg (17640 bytes)

Populus deltoides leaves1.jpg (47200 bytes)
the leaf shape is called deltoid (like the triangular-shaped Greek letter delta), which is where the epithet deltoides comes from.  What kind of leaf margin is present? branch with young leaves and the trunk of a small Populus deltoides (in the background)
Populus deltoides habit.jpg (86523 bytes)
habit--cottonwoods can grow quite large and fast (up to 5 feet of growth per year!).  They are always found by a permanent water source, usually by rivers in riparian zones Cottonwoods have the peculiar characteristic of 2-5 fingerlike projections (glands) at the point where the leaf blade meets the petiole