Sapindus saponaria var. drummondii

Common Name:  Western Soapberry, Wild Chinaberry

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habit--Sapindus saponaria is a medium to large sized tree branch showing leaves and fruit

leaf--what kind of compound leaf is this?  Notice that there is an even number of leaflets in this leaf--this is common in Sapindus.  Also, notice that the margins are entire (or nearly so)--this is different from the slightly to strongly serrated leaflets of Carya and Juglans, with which this tree is often confused. leaf again, showing how the leaflets naturally droop downward.  Also, notice the sickle-shape of the leaflets.

petioles and buds (and a couple leaf scars too)--are these leaves alternate or opposite? mature fruits--these are the soapberries.  The orange color will fade to brown with time.
fruit closeup, showing wrinkled surface.  Do you see the faint outline of the dark brown seed inside? กก