Ungnadia speciosa

Common Names: Mexican Buckeye, Texas Buckeye

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Ungnadia speciosa leaves3.jpg (72910 bytes)
flower with maturing ovary mature leaves (near the tip of a stem)--notice how the leaflets appear to fold upward

ugnadia.speciosa.jpg (59813 bytes)

Ungnadia speciosa youngfruitcloseup.jpg (20783 bytes)
fruit and more mature leaves (notice the shiny black seed peeking out) young fruit--how many carpels do you think were present in the flower that produced this capsule?
ungnadia.speciosa.oldfrt.jpg (49141 bytes) Ungnadia speciosa habitflowers.jpg (105711 bytes)
old fruit habit in early Spring showing flowers (center of picture)
Ungnadia speciosa multipletrunks.jpg (115488 bytes) ungnadia.speciosa.flw.jpg (55030 bytes)
Ungnadia usually has multiple trunks--this is the base of one individual showing several trunks flowers in Spring--notice the arrangement of the four petals
Ungnadia speciosa flowercloseup3.jpg (46872 bytes) กกUngnadia speciosa leafcloseup.jpg (47142 bytes)
flower closeup young leaf--is this a compound or simple leaf?
another picture of the habit in a young individual beside the BIO building flowers emerge in Spring in inflorescences called lateral fascicles just before or as leaves are emerging