Solanum dimidiatum

Common Names: Western Horse Nettle, Potato-weed

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five blue-purple petals - corolla 2.7 to 5cm across fully open the anthers converge around the style but are not fused

Solanum dimidiatum youngfruits.jpg (25440 bytes)

Solanum dimidiatum fruit.jpg (40041 bytes)
young fruits--these fruits, even though they look like tomatoes (which are in this genus as well), are deadly poisonous mature fruits
Solanum dimidiatum leaves.jpg (67768 bytes) Solanum dimidiatum leafunderside.jpg (55841 bytes)
leaves--the leaves of this species are wider than those of Solanum eleagnifolium leaf underside--the undersides in this species are green instead of grey, as they are in S. eleagnifolium
Can you distinguish the male and female reproductive parts?