Ulmus crassifolia

Common Name:  Cedar Elm

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Ulmus crassifolia yougleaves2.jpg (90889 bytes) Ulmus crassifolia youngleaves.jpg (73787 bytes)
leaves--the leaves of cedar elm are smaller than those of American elm leaves closeup--what kind of venation is present here?  Are these leaves simple or compound?  Are they alternate or opposite?

Ulmus crassifolia venation.jpg (38747 bytes)

Ulmus crassifolia bark.jpg (95428 bytes)

The leaves of cedar elm are thicker than in other elms (crassifoliate)--thus the epithet crassifolia. bark on a larger-sized tree

Ulmus crassifolia typicalsize.jpg (133299 bytes)

Ulmus crassifolia bigtree.jpg (82631 bytes)

typical size of cedar elm cedar elms do get large, though, eventually! (the tree in the center is a large one)
ulmus.crassifolia.flw.1.jpg (58174 bytes)
flowers--cedar elm flowers in the fall, unlike most other elms leaves and fruits (samaras) in early Fall--Ulmus crassifolia is our only fall-flowering elm; thus it is our only fall-fruiting elm as well!

ulmus.crassifolia.wings.jpg (57409 bytes)
fruits closeup--the reddish area in the middle of each fruit more or less outlines the seed sometimes the branches of cedar elm are winged--these wings are made up of layers of cork