Ampelopsis arborea

Common Name:  Pepper Vine

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Ampelopsis arborea leaves2.jpg (75797 bytes) Ampelopsis arborea leaves6.jpg (101727 bytes)
leaves--what kind of compound leaves are present here? younger leaves
Ampelopsis arborea youngleaf.jpg (61365 bytes) Ampelopsis arborea tendrils.jpg (58206 bytes)
young leaves--the young leaves in Ampelopsis are reddish, as are the stems tip of the stem, showing tendrils--what is the habit of this species?
Ampelopsis arborea habit.jpg (141808 bytes) Ampelopsis arborea inflorescence.jpg (42075 bytes)
habit--an individual peppervine can be quite extensive! inflorescence--only a few flowers are open (look at the base of the inflorescence, and you can see the styles and stigmas of a few flowers)
ampelopsis.arboreus.frt.jpg (72514 bytes) กก
mature fruits (berries) กก