Veronica persica

Common Name:  Birdeye Speedwell, Common Field Speedwell, Persian Speedwell

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flower and fruits--do you see the young fruits in the upper right of this picture?  The styles are still visible.  Also, look at the calyces--are they actinomorphic or zygomorphic? flower closeup--is this flower zygomorphic or actinomorphic?  How many stamens do you see?  The lines on the corolla are called nectar guides--they help to "point" the pollinating insects to where the nectar is.

stem and leaves--are these stems glabrous or pubescent?  Notice how long the pedicels are. leaves again--are these leaves petiolate or sessile?  What kind of leaf margin is present?
habit and habitat--Veronica persica is a low growing annual, often found in lawns.  Do you see all the flower buds?  The corollas are rolled up, because it was cold when this picture was taken.  These corollas open as the day warms up.