Bio 301L Spring 2011
MWF 9-10am in PHR 2.110
TTh 12:30-2pm in BUR 112

Prof:  Dr. Stuart Reichler

MWF 9-10am
TA:  Ling Zhu

TTh 12:30-2pm
TA: Sonya Chiu

Office:  Bio 6

Bio 21

Bio 15

Phone: 471-1074




Office hours:  Anytime,
just contact me for an appointment

by appt

by appt.

MWF 9-10am Bio 301L Syllabus (pdf)

TTh 12:30-2pm Bio 301L Syllabus (pdf)

As part of class I want you to design, collect data, and analyze the data for a simple experiment. MWF see this pdf for guidelines:

TTh see this pdf for guidelines:

(due dates depend on which class you are in)
The proposal is due in class on Th 2/10 or F 2/11
A mid-semester report is due in class on Th 3/24 or F 3/25
The written report is due in class on Th 4/21 or F 4/22

Office Hours:  You are welcome to contact me anytime for an appointment, and I am sure that we can find a time suitable for both of us.  During times of especially high demand, typically before exams and after exams have been returned, I will have set office hours, and I will send an email with those specific times.

Information presented in class:

Strong Inference:  The Article

    The Rules of Strong Inference

Presentations and scientific articles used in class; plus future class info

Keys to this semester's exams:
Exam 1 in-class mwf ------------------ Exam 1 take-home mwf

Exam 1 in-class tth -------------------- Exam 1 take-home tth

Exam 2 take-home

Exam 2 in-class mwf

Exam 2 in class tth

Exam 3 take-home

Exam 3 in-class mwf

Exam 3 in class tth

Improving your exam scores means realizing what you are doing well versus what you are doing less well and focusing on changing your study habits to be able to correct the errors that you are making.  This Exam Error Review Sheet (as MS Word - as PDF) can help you identify areas for improvement.

Supplemental information and test preparation material:

Old Exams:
Exam 1
, Exam 2, Exam 3

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